Alexandra de Garidel

The Geneva interior designer Alexandra de Garidel is driven by passion. She embraces life with gusto, enthusiastically commits to everything she undertakes, and strives for perfection in each of her professional projects.


For her, nothing is impossible. Since establishing her own firm in 2005, her achievements have been extraordinarily diverse: a chalet in Switzerland for art collectors; real estate development projects; concepts for bakeries, restaurants, and fast-food establishments; and a collection of precious objects conceived in collaboration with the Roman jeweler Bernard Delettrez, drawing inspiration from the natural world, ancient Egypt, the Garden of Eden, and more.

Their common thread? Alexandra de Garidel's unique vision, which blends French culture and craftsmanship with Swiss precision.


Her love for beauty stems from childhood. Raised in an aristocratic environment in southern France, she grew up in family homes adorned with antique furniture and had an aunt who owned a castle with a park designed by Louis XIV's gardener, André Le Nôtre. She initially worked in the finance world, an experience that equipped her with skills she now applies in her design profession: budget management, efficiency, organizational acumen, a pragmatic approach, and more.


Among her other strengths are her ability to rework plans and volumes, mastery of colors and materials, and a talent for creating warm and welcoming atmospheres. Each of her interiors carries a strong personality and tells a story, often infused with a touch of humor.

Ask her about her passions in life, and she mentions her daughter Eléanore, her love for horseback riding, and her enthusiasm for art. It's no coincidence that the logo of her company, Avilda, is inspired by the work of James Turrell and his light installations.


The ordinary has no place in her universe. In search of the exceptional and the unique, she lives in perpetual motion—with enthusiasm, precision, and passion.


Ian Phillips