DESIGN MIAMI / BASEL 2012: Solo Show Pierre Gonalons

25 May - 30 June 2012

The designer, Pierre Gonalons, chose space and light for this PAVILLONS pieces for Armel Soyer Editions.


By a precise gesture he defines two micro-architectural structures animated by curves and counter-curves.  A delicate golden light underlines the structure and apparent lightness of the piece. These domestic conveniences whose verticality is punctuated by a dome, bring rhythm to a space dedicated to intimacy, exchange, service and functionality. Simplicity and beauty are the values behind this project.  They successfully succeed in creating a meeting point between the area symbolising the sky and the architectural structure of a table or a library. Pierre Gonalons creates an enclosure which encourages contemplation. PAVILLONS develops the art of the paradox, wavering between the precious and refined and a certain vision for what is human in the universe. He invites us to share in a scenario that is both innovative and refined.