Coralie Bonnet

 "The earth carries me" explains Coralie Bonnet.
The artist-designer with a poetic universe takes on a plastic approach. She mainly works in sculpture and ceramics.
His very marked raw and dreamlike universe transports the viewer into an organic and mineral imagination.

Her work revolves around the preservation of artisanal know-how that she learns through her encounters and travels (especially in Japan). The beauty of the gesture and the memory reside in the work of the hand. Coralie continually explores new techniques that she has fun mixing and creating new aesthetic dialogues.

From Ceramics to Embroidery and Engraving, his main source of inspiration remains unconditionally nature. She likes to pay particular attention to the textures that our environments and their diversity offer us. Drawing is a component part of his creative process, taking up the shapes and textures that define his work.

Her works, often composed of two pieces, like a couple, form a dialogue between two silhouettes that challenge the viewer. The long and meticulous work of texture makes you want to understand the material. Sometimes smooth, hammered or perforated, reminiscent of the knots of his early career in the world of fashion and more particularly that of Haute Couture embroidery, the sandstone thus worked remains timeless.