Carlès & Demarquet

 Drawing from the common fund of an ideal Antiquity, the Atelier Carlès Demarquet offers a series of fossil objects whose use, intuitive without being obvious, is more suggested than imposed. Shaping wood to blur its material, animal or plant, coral, reef or shell, they work to make it both millenary and timeless.


 From their Marseille workshop, the two craftsmen perpetuate a tradition of woodworking that is deeply rooted in the Mediterranean way of life. They design, in unique pieces or limited series, furniture and modern, timeless, solar and aquatic objects. Like a panorama on a forgotten island, an underwater ark where lost time still lives.


It's like a relic in the calanques. Like a mystery without surprise, a timeless artifact, whether from the past or the future, but of which one would know, in itself, the intimate essence without naming it. It's like the daily presence of a dreamed world, like mapping the archaeological chart of a fantasized civilization, both enduring and mineral.


- Clément Somon