Full of adventure and daring, Emma Pradere's life is about an artist thirsting for her love of art and the unknown. A physician by training, she ended up dropping everything to devote herself fully to her passion. Irresistibly attracted by the rest of the world and by the traditional techniques of the different regions of the globe, she travelled around the world for several years and was enriched by experiences that forged its artistic character. India, Japan, Sicily, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan…The world becomes his source of inspiration, the fertile soil of his imagination, and will therefore be his playground.

During her many wanderings, she likes to admire the mountains. They inspire her, their reliefs fascinate her, acute, arid, pungent, impetuous. Ema Pradère undertakes a dizzying ascent whose most coveted summit is the union with the wildest nature. In these series of mountains, she paints the Aravis and the Mont Blanc. The undulating peaks seem to undertake a poetic choreographic. These immutable summits are stirred by a borrowed movement of sensitivity. Just a few pigments and the mountain unfolds, revealing its monumental strength.

In this face-to-face, overcome by this vertical monstrosity,