Nouvelle Galerie - Megève

15 - 20 December 2020

After opening a farm showroom a few kilometers from Megève 5 years ago, Armel SOYER continues to leave a significant mark on the Alpine landscape: a new gallery in the heart of the pedestrian part of Megève.

Like her Parisian gallery or her farm, it is once again a place full of spirit that she invests: an old residence marked by the most inspired of mountain architects of the early twentieth century: Henri-Jacques Le Même, who had designed the facades and the interior for a renowned Parisian hairdresser in 1945. It is a legitimate setting for the one who has been defending the design & decorative arts of the 21st century for almost 10 years.

On 3 floors, it will present her faithful artists / designers: the Russians Olga ENGEL, Denis MILOVANOV & Maria KOSHONKOVA, the Australian Christopher BOOTS, the British Julian MAYOR and the French Christian ASTUGUVIEILLE, Emma DONNERSBERG, Thomas DURIEZ, Mathias KISS, Stéphane MOUFLETTE , Gilles PERNET, Perrine ROUSSEAU and Alix WALINE.

Armel SOYER will exhibit for the very first time the astonishing functional sculptures of the American Casey MC CAFERTY that she is launching in France for the occasion.

She also asked the artist Ema PRADERE to imagine, for the opening of the gallery, a present that celebrates the magical symbolism of Christmas. The ceramicist and painter has designed a magnificent box of 3 unique porcelain Christmas balls, signed by hand.