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du XXIème siecle


SÓHA is a conceptual brand of interior items and kitchen ustensils with the powerful esthetics of the Russian North created by the artist Denis Milovanov and his producer Alice Bourmistrova.

Simple in form, minimalistic in style and monochromic in colors, SÓHA Concept pieces refer you to the traditions of the Russian wooden architecture and the life of the northern peoples, creating new imagery in the modern interior.

SÓHA Concept brand was created in 2015 taking all the best from the previous project of Denis Milovanov “REMESLO 937”.

The idea of the SÓHA Concept brand is expressed in three object lines.
Kitchen utensils line includes exclusive items made of wood and ceramics, trays and cutting boards for restaurants and homes. December 2015 marked the launch of the most popular cutting boards collection - SIVER by SÓHA.

The second line encompasses the decor and interior design objects: wall panels, bowls, decorative boards and furniture that could create a special atmosphere and style in any space. These objects give a simultaneous feeling of everyday practicality and the singularity of the author's work.

Art objects of minor forms, single décor and interior items make the third SÓHA Concept line that can only be found in galleries and concept showrooms.